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Sudbury Tourism, the City of Greater Sudbury’s Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), is comprised of the City of Greater Sudbury (through the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation [GSDC]) and more than 60 public and private sector members who pool their resources to promote the tourism industry in Greater Sudbury.

The primary goal of Sudbury Tourism is to attract visitors through annual destination marketing activities that target specific sectors including leisure travel, group and bus tours, meetings, conventions, and sporting events. See City of Greater Sudbury Tourism Strategy.

Sudbury Tourism has compiled the following resources to provide individual stakeholders with useful tools and contacts for planning purposes:

Planning an Event

Event Support Program

Tourism Development Fund

Culinary Tourism

Sudbury Tourism Marketing Partnership Opportunities

Learn how your business or organization can tap into and benefit from a larger audience. Sudbury Tourism invites you to be part of our annual marketing program. Click on the “Details” button below to download / view the complete program brochure. PLEASE NOTE: The annual Sudbury Tourism Marketing Partnership is available and/or provided to local businesses or non-profit organizations, attractions, retail stores, restaurants, accommodation providers, or outfitters who meet all Sudbury Tourism and Culture Eligibility Criteria. 


Select all of the Sudbury Tourism Marketing Partnership opportunities you wish to participate in for the upcoming year.

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