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    Some restrictions apply. Refer to the Sudbury Tourism Partnership brochure for complete details.

    No thank youPurchase - $250

    Annual Sudbury Tourism Marketing Partnership Fee

    The base fee of $150 + HST entitles you to a partner Website Listing + applicable CrowdRiff Galleries throughout + inclusion on our official Social Media channels, annual Marketing Campaigns + online Events Calendar + blog opportunities, networking opportunities, and Familiarization Tours where applicable/possible. Additional programs are available “à la carte” below to help you increase your visibility and generate leads online, in print, and in person.

    Additional opportunities to benefit from the expertise, influence and proven results of Sudbury Tourism may arise over the course of the year through Meeting, Convention and Sports, Travel Media and Group Tours. Be the first to find out about these emerging opportunities when receiving access to resources and updates through our Monthly Newsletter once you are a partner of Sudbury Tourism.

    *** PLEASE NOTE: The annual Sudbury Tourism Marketing Partnership is available and/or provided to local businesses or non-profit organizations, attractions, retail stores, restaurants, accommodation providers, or outfitters who meet all Sudbury Tourism and Culture Criteria. ***

    Visitor Guide

    Please select from the following listing size options for participation in our Sudbury Tourism Visitor Guide. Refer to the Sudbury Tourism Partnership brochure for complete details.

    Visitor Guide (circulation 20,000)

    None1/6 page - $1501/3 page (horizontal) - $3001/2 page (vertical) - $500Full page (NEW) - $950Not Applicable

    Sudbury Tourism CrowdRiff Galleries

    Yes, I/we would like to participate or be featured within Sudbury Tourism's CrowdRiff Galleries, a visual content marketing platform used as an additional inspiration tool to market Sudbury and attract visitors. Gain additional exposure and referrals to your channels when we import or embed selected social media content on our website and/or Sudbury Tourism blogs. I/We provide consent for Sudbury Tourism to import or embed selected social media content within the website and/or Sudbury Tourism blogs.No. Not interested.Not Applicable

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    You agree to pay the above fees in return for the options you've chosen as detailed in the Sudbury Tourism Partnership Brochure.

    Sudbury Tourism reserves the right to accept or reject applications for partnership. See the Sudbury Tourism Marketing Partnership Eligibility Criteria for details.

    You will receive an official City of Greater Sudbury invoice within 90 days of sign up. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice, referencing the official invoice number assigned.

    When you receive your official invoice, please make cheque payable to:

    1. City of Greater Sudbury

    2. c/o Sudbury Tourism, PO Box 5000

    3. Station A, 200 Brady Street

    4. Sudbury ON P3A 5P3

    Electronic Receipt Confirmation *

    I/we consent to the receipt of electronic messages from the City of Greater Sudbury for the purposes of the following.

    1. Receiving news, notices and updates regarding the tourism industry.

    2. Receiving news of partner opportunities.

    3. Providing input to the City of Greater Sudbury about Sudbury Tourism and its operations.

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