Cycling & Biking

Discover Sudbury by bike!

Whether for sport or pleasure, biking or cycling in Sudbury is an affordable way to explore the city or non-motorized trails. There are plenty of routes for all ages and abilities sure for your next outdoor adventure in Sudbury year-round.

Urban cycling has many great personal as well as environmental benefits. In Sudbury, we are home to the Rainbow Routes Association, which is a not-for-profit organization and a registered charity. They are committed to the promotion and advancement of non-motorized trails within the city and promote healthy active lifestyles and affordable recreation. Throughout the city of Sudbury, there are 10 trails supported by the Rainbow Routes Association that are included in the Trans Canada Trail (TCT), making these routes part of one of the longest trail systems in the world.

Popular Mountain Biking and Fat Biking destinations include Kivi Park, Lake Laurentian Conservation area and Walden Mountain bike Club.

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