A.Y. Jackson Lookout & Onaping's High Falls


45 km /27 mi. northwest of downtown on Hwy. 144 | 45 km/27 mi. au nord-ouest du centre-ville sur rte 144

Plunging 55 m in one gorgeous cascade, High Falls on the Onaping River captured the heart of Group of Seven artist A.Y. Jackson and is a favourite outing for locals and tourists alike.

Admire the fall colours from the A.Y. Jackson Lookout visitor’s centre on Highway 144 north of Dowling. You can hike along the scenic 1 km riverside trail to a bridge that spans the top of the falls and follow the marked trail beyond the bridge to explore the quiet forests for another 2 km loop. Learn more

Take a GeoTour! (Summer, Fall)

Scientists believe that a 10 km diameter meteorite struck the Earth near the present site of Sudbury 1.85 billion years ago. The crater was partially filled with melted metal-rich liquid forming Sudbury’s famous nickel, copper, platinum and other ore bodies. The Sudbury Basin is oval-shaped at 60 km long, 20 km wide by 10 km deep.  The lookout lies on fall back debris that partly filled the ancient crater.