Special Offers

Book a Special Offer Now and receive 15% off your hotel stay
with proof of purchase at one of our local attractions.

Book Accommodations

When you book your stay at select Sudbury hotels available under the “Special Offers” tab and visit one of Sudbury’s local attractions from the list below, you’ll receive 15% off a 1 or 2-night hotel stay.

  • Visitors must book at a Sudbury hotel through the Discover Sudbury website booking platform.
  • To take advantage of the “15% off” promotion, the visitor must select a participating property; on the booking platform, these are indicated under the “Special Offers” tab
  • The visitor must also show proof of purchase of original receipts/ tickets at the hotel front desk, from a qualified Sudbury attraction as listed below.

Visit a Sudbury Attraction

Attractions included in the promotion are limited to Sudbury Tourism attraction partners, as listed below.

SPECIAL BONUS OFFER: STAY ACTIVE THIS FALL! GET $10 OFF when you visit Kivi Park AND KUPP Centre or Laser Tag until October 31, 2023. Conditions apply. Visit their website(s) for complete details.

*** PLEASE NOTE: Some of these attractions are seasonal. ***

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