Science North

Science North



Fun-filled family attractions

Science North’s fun and friendly hands-on approach to science education is led by Bluecoats (real scientists and science communicators) who make interacting with the exhibits and live ambassador animals even more informative and fun!


NEW! Special Exhibition*
Opens in October 2017
Genome: Unlocking Life’s code

Unravel the mystery behind the complete set of instructions needed for every living thing on Earth to grow and function: the genome.


World Premiere!
Opens in March 3, 2018
Beyond Human Limits

How do you feel in dangerous situations? What makes an extreme sport athlete? Do you have the personality and motivation? Go inside the minds and bodies of extreme athletes - their psychology, physiology, Experience the thrill of extreme sports - climb the rock wall, trace the footsteps of a parkour athlete, or immerse yourself in the action of 360° big wave surfing. Meet passionate athletes and hear their incredible stories.


NEW! Escape Room!

Science North’s escape room is an interactive way to think outside the box with family and friends! Players are locked in a room where they must solve a series of puzzles and crack codes to uncover clues to unlock the doors and escape in 45 minutes!

Recommended for ages 16+


IMAX® with laser

Escape into a huge wave of intense color, contrast, brightness, and sound. IMAX with laser engages your senses and ultimately captivates your heart. It’s the science of cinema raised to the level of magic.

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